About This Report

Lonza’s Annual Report 2016 covers the period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016. In it we aim to present a balanced and concise overview of our strategy, performance and prospects. 

The report is written for our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, business partners, community members, financial institutions, journalists, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders. It includes comprehensive information about Lonza’s two main segments: Pharma&Biotech and Specialty Ingredients

In the Company Overview section, we seek to provide a transparent summary of our corporate structure, practices and processes. Other sections of the Annual Report include the Financial Overview including financial statements and notes, the Remuneration  Report and the Corporate Governance Report.

For the first time, Lonza’s Annual Report 2016 is only an online report. In an effort to save paper, we adopted this format that allows readers to engage with the material online. By encouraging readers to go online first for background about Lonza in general and in 2016, we can reduce the number of hard copies of the report printed. 

All sections of the Annual Report – including the Corporate Overview, the Financial Report, Remuneration Report and Corporate Governance Report – are again being offered as a downloadable pdf. 

Why Crystals?

The images of crystals woven throughout the Annual Report are a symbol of the solid growth that has characterized Lonza through our 120-year history. During their fascinating lifecycle, crystals begin by slowly transforming from the liquid state, as the crystalline components align, merge and grow into a solid state. During their second, more-rapid growth stage, the crystals grow upwards and outwards, creating the fascinating and strong crystalline lattice structure. These natural processes echo the way that Lonza grows, both through the organic growth of our existing businesses and by incorporating complementary businesses into the growing Lonza structure. 

We also associate crystals with snow and ice, which abound, of course, in the Swiss Alps, where Lonza was founded. In another tribute to our legacy, the pictures of crystals used in the Annual Report were taken by the photographer Gregor Brändli from the Minerals Collection at the Natural History Museum Basel (CH), which has long served as Lonza’s headquarters. The crystals convey an inkling of the size of the mineralogical collection, whose treasures are guarded by the Natural History Museum Basel. A part of this can be admired in the permanent exhibition "Nature’s showcase – birds, mammals & minerals of Switzerland". And just as crystals are prized for their unique and fascinating structures, so too Lonza is valued by our customers, our employees and our shareholders, all of whom recognize the strategic value and strength of the unique, solid and growing organization that we know as Lonza. 

We hope you enjoy reading the online Annual Report 2016!