Cross-Business Synergies

Lonza Cross Business Synergies

Applying Knowledge Across the Business

One of Lonza’s strategic goals is to improve our ability to transfer knowledge, experience, technology and best-in-class business practices throughout the organization. Our quest to capitalize on Lonza’s cross-business synergies benefited from an interdisciplinary, global Research & Technology (R&T) conference with 140 Lonza scientists and external experts at our multi-business site in Visp (CH) in late 2016.

The choice of the Visp site was appropriate for it serves as a Center of Excellence that broadly shares technologies, raw materials and expertise used in many different businesses, including Pharma&Biotech, Consumer Care, Coatings and Composites and Agro Ingredients.

Cross-Segment Synergistic Technologies

Thermal separation technologies are used in a majority of chemical processes across both of our segments. Both segments also draw upon solid particle technology for manufacturing and for improving their product formulations. Continuous reaction technologies, which are used widely in Specialty Ingredients, are also now being utilized by our Pharma&Biotech operations. The Specialty Ingredients process analytical team is also supporting Pharma&Biotech chemistry in the development of at-line and in-line process analytical solutions.

In the closely related realms of quality manufacturing and regulatory compliance, Pharma&Biotech is sharing decades of expertise in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) with Consumer Care in order to meet strict, pharma-like regulatory requirements that may apply to certain Consumer Care ingredients.

Cross-Business Product Formulations

One major active ingredient that is used in multiple business units is our pyrithione chemistry. These products, which are used as active antidandruff ingredients in shampoos, are the primary active ingredient in marine anti-fouling paints to deter the growth of barnacles, slime and other foulants on ships’ hulls and on aquaculture fishing nets. They are also used to help preserve and protect architectural paints and coatings.

In our Consumer Care business, for example, our Laracare® Quat is a hair-conditioning agent derived from a nutrition ingredient. Additionally, Lonza teams are working with skin-care customers to explore the use of our Pharma&Biotech technology for their manufacturing needs or using our formulating experience for their advanced skin-care products.

Within the Pharma&Biotech segment, our custom development business has developed cell-culture and other media that our Bioscience Solutions business is in turn selling to third parties.

In another cross-business example, our Agro Ingredients business is incorporating biocides from Water Treatment and other businesses to provide customers with specific biocides for the pre-and post-harvest treatment of seeds and crops. Treatment with Lonza’s special biocides just before or after harvesting helps to ensure that the harvested fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh to distributors and end consumers.