Quality Initiatives

Driving a Proactive Quality Culture Through Human-Performance Management

Human performance is a key factor for business sustainability as process-related deviations attributed to human errors can impact safety, quality and security of supply.

To advance human performance towards the next level, Lonza built a global Error Prevention System (EPS) on the backbone of our Operational Excellence program. Our EPS cultural change initiative also benefited from our participation in the Biopharma Operations Group, which intensively studied best practices and human-performance management systems and procedures from the nuclear power and aviation industries.

Launched in 2014 the EPS initiative has now reduced deviations across all Lonza Pharma&Biotech sites worldwide by approximately 50%. Customers are impressed by the EPS program because it delivers often dramatic reduction in manufacturing issues related to their products and improves on-time delivery of high-quality drugs. Collaborating with customers and other industry members, we have shared insights into EPS in vital industry forums and numerous industry journals and reports.

Previously the focus for performance improvement was mainly on technical solutions and controls. Employees and their knowledge weren’t involved, and it was hard to get them engaged. Now, rather than focusing solely on what was done wrong, we ask ourselves what environment an operator needs to do a good job, thereby turning the whole thing upside down. The bottom-line impact, though, comes through seeing tangible improvements – site to site and across the organization. Evidence shows that human-performance efforts are preventing negative outcomes by powerfully engaging operators and others in proactive and preventative efforts.

In addition, Lonza has launched our Dedicated to Excellence strategy, which aims to engage all employees in systemic thinking and achieving excellence in all that we do throughout Pharma&Biotech businesses, sites and functions. The program consists of five pillars: safety, quality at source, on-time delivery, cost efficiency and innovation. It introduces a standard set of operational targets and measures that will strengthen our competitive position and generate strong customer intimacy and satisfaction.

The Dedicated to Excellence and EPS initiatives are generating many benefits, from a dramatic reduction in deviations and related costs to improved customer satisfaction and a positive working environment. However, the ultimate objective of these efforts is to enhance patient health and safety by manufacturing drug products of the highest quality.