Solutions for Megatrends

Profitable Solutions for Urgent Needs

Drawing upon nearly 120 years of experience in satisfying both fundamental and emerging needs of humans, we at Lonza are providing profitable solutions to the most urgent issues being generated by our current era’s growing, aging and more affluent population. Our biotech expertise and specialty chemicals’ know-how enable us to satisfy megatrend needs along the entire healthcare continuum – for disease prevention and treatment, clean water, healthful and abundant food, and enhanced hygiene and wellness.

Lonza’s businesses are satisfying vital global needs that often span the intersecting effects of four key global megatrends:

BRIC countries are Brazil, Russia, India and China. VISTA countries are Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina. 

Growing World Population

In a world where the population exceeds 7 billion people and will reach an estimated 10 billion by 2050, according to United Nations research, water is an increasingly scarce and valuable resource. Whether for drinking, cooking, agricultural irrigation, beverage production, food processing or industrial applications, water needs are growing and are often in conflict. To address the needs for both clean water and water conservation, Lonza is pursuing growth opportunities across multiple market segments in developed and emerging nations.

Growing populations, including rising middle classes in emerging countries and megacities, are triggering needs for simple yet effective hygiene products to combat a broad range of pathogens, including key bacteria and viruses that are often present in healthcare facilities. Around the globe our sanitizers and disinfectants are used in hospitals and other medical settings, industrial cleanrooms, homes, restaurants and institutional food-preparation facilities, schools, offices, gyms and cruise ships.

Our Nutrition and Agro Ingredients businesses are at the forefront of helping address consumers’ growing needs for safe, healthful and abundant foods and supplements.

Agro Ingredients’ custom-manufactured crop growth and protection products, for example, help our customers optimize yields, often with less water and a reduced need for pesticides. Lonza is a world leader in molluscicides, with proprietary products that protect lettuce, other greens and rice from the damage caused by slugs and snails.

Aging World Populations

The rapid growth in elderly populations is tied to the growing prevalence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other age-related illnesses. Lonza’s Pharma&Biotech segment plays a major role in the development of medicines that have the potential to extend and improve the quality of life in aging populations.

The need for effective yet reasonably priced medicines and therapies not only applies to BRIC and VISTA nations, but also to developed nations. Lonza is a leader worldwide in helping customers create novel yet cost-effective “small-molecule” medicines, as well as the more complex “large-molecule” medicines like biologics. At our state-of-the-art, small-molecule production sites in Visp (CH) and Nansha (CN), our capabilities range from initial chemical process development and subsequent scale-up strategies and process optimizations to supplying products for clinical tests through final commercial manufacturing.

Also Lonza is an innovative pioneer in the development of the most-advanced, cutting-edge medicines and therapies in the world today, such as gene-based medicines for patients with serious diseases.

Lonza’s Nutrition business is addressing the needs of an aging population, in part by the 2016 acquisition of InterHealth, a leader in research, development, manufacture and marketing of proprietary, value-added nutritional ingredients for use in dietary supplements.

In 2016 the InterHealth acquisition helped propel the Nutrition business’s strategy of providing “Active Ingredients for Living Actively”. The focus here is accelerating development of our nutritional portfolio in areas of muscle health, healthy weight maintenance, mobility (e.g. joint health), and healthy immune system and digestion support.

With our Nutrition, Personal Care, Hygiene and Agro Ingredients businesses, Lonza’s Consumer Care business unit is at the forefront of helping people feel and look their best. The rapid growth of elderly populations in the West and in Asian nations such as China and Japan is driving ever-rising demand for healthful foods and nutritional supplements, anti-aging cosmetics and other personal-care products.

Rapid Growth of Megacities

Movement of populations from rural areas to megacities is generating a need for many Lonza products and services, including sustainable building products. Wood is one of the world’s most vital, renewable, natural resources; and engineered wood is an advanced material that provides strength, durability and beauty in buildings.

Lonza Wood Protection offers innovative technologies that add a preservative and water-repellent property to our customers’ engineered timbers, as well as products that combine fungicides and insecticides to protect engineered wood from insects and decay.

The threat of fire in densely developed cities helps explain the growing use of our fire-retardant treatments for wood used in schools, apartment complexes, homes, train stations, hospitals and other areas.

In crowded urban areas such as megacities, municipalities and industries are conserving precious water resources by treating and recycling wastewater so that it can be used for other purposes. We provide both sanitizers and organic coagulants that treat the water and reduce the amount of sludge, which in turn means less waste disposal.

Growth of Middle Classes in BRIC and VISTA Countries

The growing middle classes in BRIC and VISTA countries will generate increasing demand for medication. With modern facilities in Singapore and China, our Pharma&Biotech segment is capitalizing on rising demand in Asia Pacific and elsewhere for affordable medicines and biotech therapies.

Many of these nations are in hot, humid areas of the planet. This fact underscores the value of our Coatings and Composites business, which helps to fight mold and the “sick-building syndrome” in facilities by providing protective biocides and fungicides for paints, wallboard, ceiling tiles, adhesives and other building products.