Investing in Our People

Our people are our key competitive advantage; so we continue to focus on developing high-performing teams and individuals, thereby making Lonza “The Place to Go, Stay and Grow.”

We recognize that individual engagement and collective intelligence play an essential role on Lonza’s continued journey to excellence and outperformance. Accordingly, we have worked with our employees and senior leaders through various channels, including our global employee survey “Life@Lonza” and our “Lonza Talent Philosophy Survey,” to co-create our talent management philosophy.

We believe in and expect strong and sustained employee performance. Consequently, business results and behavior directly influence individual career progression and pay. Leaders in people management roles need to deliver results, as well as build the quality and depth of their teams.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and tools, we promote transparency of communication and process rigor and vigor to guide our journey to becoming high-performing teams and individuals.

Balancing differentiation and efficiency, we have built integrated Lonza Academies to address unique business needs within selected business areas; and we have plans to expand this program across the company. Through these intertwined academies, we incorporate corporate-wide strategic priorities, quality and operations principles and program management skills to help specific business units develop their business-critical capabilities. Similarly, we support functional units to deliver service excellence with greater depth of expertise.

Core and functional competencies are the foundation of Lonza's success model. Following our ambition to co-create the desired attitudes, skills and capabilities needed for Lonza, we tapped into the collective intelligence of our senior leaders and top talent to develop our unique competencies. Together with participants of our Leadership Acceleration Program, best-practice behaviors were validated for each of our job grades based on the guiding principle of being simple, tangible and relevant. The same approach and framework are used to define functional competencies like sales, marketing or supply chain. All core and functional competencies will be integrated into career development paths and profiles that support leaders and teams in helping individuals grow and develop.

Following our conviction that strong teams win championships, we support employees through feedback, assessment, experiential learning and coaching to identify their journeys as individuals or leaders and to help them grow to their potential. Building on effective and authentic self-leadership, we support teams on their road to outperformance.

To attract, develop and retain the best and brightest employees, we will continue to update and refine our people strategy to ensure Lonza remains “The Place to Go, Stay and Grow.”