Proposal of the Board of Directors 

Concerning the Appropriation of Available Earnings and Reserve from Capital Contributions

CHF 2016
Available earnings brought forward1 1,639,126,780
Profit for the year 44,768,760
Available earnings at the disposal of the Annual General Meeting 1,683,895,540
Available earnings carry-forward 1,683,895,540


CHF 2016
Legal capital reserves qualified as reserves from capital contributions 243,393,025
Reserves from capital contributions 243,393,025
Payment of a dividend (out of reserves from capital contributions) in 2016 of CHF 2.75 (2015: CHF 2.50) per share on the share capital eligible for dividend of CHF 57,901,832 (2015: CHF 52,500,915) (159,230,038)
Available reserves from capital contributions carry-forward 84,162,987

If the General Annual Meeting approves the above proposal from the Board of Directors, the dividend of CHF 2.75 per registered share, net of withholding tax (as per Article 5 Abs 1bis VStG), will be paid as of 3 May 2017.


Basel, 8 March 2017


Rolf Soiron
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Richard Ridinger
Chief Executive Officer