5 – Share Ownership of the Members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee 

Based on information available to Lonza, the members of the Board of Directors and parties closely associated with them1 held, as of 31 December 2016, a total of 135,180 (2015: 129,815) registered shares in Lonza Group Ltd and controlled 0.26% (2015: 0.25%) of the share capital. None of the members of the Board of Directors or Executive Committee owns shares in the Group’s subsidiaries or associates.

The Company feels strongly that our Executive Committee and other senior managers should have a defined shareholding in Lonza to strengthen their alignment with our shareholders’ interests. Starting in 2016 Lonza established minimum shareholding requirements for the Executive Committee and other senior managers based on level in the organization and specified a five-year period to achieve these minimum requirements. Shareholding levels were reviewed annually beginning in January 2016. The NCC may periodically review the minimum shareholding requirements.

The members of the Executive Committee and parties closely associated with them held 67,335 (2015: 60,095) shares and controlled 0.13% (2015: 0.11%) of the share capital. The individual control rights are proportional to the holdings shown below.

Share ownership of acting members of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee as of 31 December 2016:

Board of Directors

Lonza shares (numbers) 2016 2015
Rolf Soiron, Chairman   69,683   68,324
Patrick Aebischer   10,574   12,229
Werner Bauer   19,180   18,456
Thomas Ebeling    4,255   3,531
Jean-Daniel Gerber     12,840   11,995
Christoph Mäder    351 n.a.
Barbara Richmond    2,184   1,460
Margot Scheltema   7,561   6,716
Jürgen Steinemann    4,356   3,632
Antonio Trius    4,196   3,472


Executive Committee

Lonza shares (numbers) 2016 2015
Richard Ridinger, CEO   41,564   25,906
Sven Abend   1,373    0
Marc Funk   24,398   12,049
Toralf Haag n.a. 15,736
Beat In-Albon n.a. 6,404
Rodolfo Savitzky    0 n.a.


Minimum Shareholding Requirements:

  • CEO: 2 times base salary
  • Other Executive Committee: 1 times base salary
  • Other senior managers: Annual LTIP grant value
  • Shareholdings measured at the end of January in each calendar year
  • Five years to achieve minimum requirements