Mammalian Manufacturing

Pharma&Biotech - Mammalian ManufacturingLonza’s Mammalian Manufacturing business continues to be a market leader in the contract manufacture of biologics. Our offering includes the manufacture of commercial bulk drug substance of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and recombinant proteins from mammalian cell cultures. As a result, our current portfolio includes products that represent essential active pharmaceutical ingredients for life-saving medicines.

Our current commercial manufacturing network offers drug substance manufacturing scales from 2,000L to 20,000L across three state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing sites: Portsmouth, NH (USA), Porriño (ES) and Tuas, Singapore (SG). With our extensive footprint, Lonza’s Mammalian Manufacturing offers a global solution to our customers’ outsourcing needs.

At Lonza we are prepared to meet the needs of the market and our clients to provide top-tier technical know-how and solutions for drug development programs. The Mammalian Manufacturing team continues to see strong demand in large-scale commercial capacity. That is why we are now offering large-scale customer-dedicated manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and the United States, such as our large-scale expansion for Alexion at our Portsmouth facility.

Furthermore, to meet the market demand for mid-scale manufacturing capacity, we are adding single-use bioreactors in Singapore for the commercialization of late-phase products. The facility has been designed with the capability to expand throughput flexibly in the event of increased market demand. With Lonza’s wide breadth of offerings in terms of capacity and technology, we will be able to provide the right solution for many programs.

Our regulatory expertise and proven commercial manufacturing track record have allowed us to gain broad accreditation from the various global health authorities including the FDA and EMA. In 2016 we manufactured several commercial large-molecule medicines.

As part of our customer-focus and market-driven strategy, we continue to provide flexible business models to enable customized solutions to satisfy the unique needs of our clients. The success of our strategy can be seen in the fact that Lonza continues to be a market leader – and partner of choice – for the manufacture of biologics for commercial use.

Mammalian Manufacturing Overview 2016

Our Mammalian Manufacturing business experienced strong performance in 2016. Lonza continued to benefit from a balanced customer portfolio coming from large pharmaceutical companies to small- and mid-sized biotech companies. The outsourcing and dual-sourcing trends by the industry maintained a positive momentum.

Our customer base broadened further with new long-term contracts. In addition, better-than-anticipated market uptake of our clients’ therapeutics resulted in extended contract volumes. Subsequently, the order-book visibility improved once more.

As announced at the Capital Markets Day in October 2016, Lonza has expanded capacity using single-use disposable technology at our Singapore (SG) site.

For further information about our mammalian cell culture capabilities for large-molecule drug substance, as well as for descriptions of Lonza’s mammalian cell culture facilities including Portsmouth, Porrino and Singapore, please visit our Mammalian Manufacturing website or explore Lonza’s worldwide sites by location via our 360° Virtual Tours.