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Lonza Agro Ingredients

Lonza’s Agro Ingredients business is growing by helping our customers do more with less – meaning optimizing the use of increasingly scarce natural resources such as arable land and clean irrigation water.

Our aim within the value-added chain of the agricultural sector is to make every effort to reduce agricultural product losses and boost productivity. These targets would be impossible to achieve without the use of modern and highly efficient agro-chemistry. Meeting these requirements will take major investments in the research and development of essential, efficient and sustainable solutions. It will require innovation – and cutting-edge technology companies like Lonza are making an important contribution in this regard.

Lonza’s offerings to the agricultural market are based on a strong chemical and biological technology background. With broad experience, high professionalism and unrelenting passion to satisfy our customers, Lonza provides state-of-the-art custom manufacturing for modern herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, including biologically derived products, such as biopesticides, biostimulants and other microbial active ingredients and intermediates. Additional offers include preservatives and additives for crop protection formulations.

Besides our chemical custom manufacturing services, we also provide small- and large-scale fermentation capacity for fermentation-derived biopesticides, used by leading agro companies. Our services also include providing full life-cycle management for our customers’ products.

Lonza is the one of the world market leaders in molluscicides as we offer the Meta® metaldehyde active ingredient and Meta®-based, formulated products. For example, we serve the professional and home & garden market with our Axcela® fully formulated end-use molluscicide.

In all main markets, we collaborate with strategic partners and leading local distribution companies to support the growth of our premium-quality products. For instance, our finished commercial Frexus® products are sold in Brazil – one of the largest agricultural markets in the world – as fertilizers and as disinfectants for fruits and vegetables (post-harvest treatments).

Additionally, we offer fertilizers and sanitizing agents for the agricultural industry. The many options we provide make Lonza Agro Ingredients a unique partner, specifically for the crop-protection industry.

Lonza Agro Ingredients also supports the production-animal industry by providing branded high-quality ingredients with clear benefits that are reinforced by our distributors and agents around the world. Examples include vitamin B3 compounds (niacin and niacinamide), Carniking® and LaraFeed® products.

Agro Ingredients Overview 2016

In our Agro Ingredients business, we experienced a solid start into the year; but after April 2016 a softer demand in the agro and feed markets, as expected, had an impact on the full-year results. This development was based on an over-stocking situation in the end markets, as well as on reduced investments by the agrochemical industry and ultimately by the farming industry, which saw little incentive to invest in a depressed market.

By focusing on selected specialty applications and products, we have been able to continue to grow our niche portfolio. Lonza’s adjuvants, formulation ingredients and preservatives for crop protection and crop hygiene products are gaining increasing interest from the agro industry.

Meta®, Lonza’s specific molluscicide for slug and snail control, continued to experience solid growth, driven by the geographic expansion of the active substance and the formulated products into new markets.

For further information about Agro Ingredients’ custom manufacturing, intermediates, molluscicides, formulation ingredients, crop protection and animal-care businesses, please visit our Agro Ingredients website.