Coatings and Composites

Lonza Coating and Composites

The strategic business unit Coatings and Composites globally offers a wide array of specialty solutions for the protection, enhanced performance and modification of the end-use characteristics of various materials, including carbon, fibers, fabrics, leather, metals, plastics, stone and wood.

Our specialty products are used to produce coatings that are applied superficially or by penetrating processes. They protect the materials from biological (e.g. insects, decay, mold and mildew, algae) and physical-chemical degradation (e.g. fire, moisture). Our specialty biocide and non-biocide products are applied in paints, inks, sealants, adhesives, backing materials for bath mats and carpeting, shower curtains, wallboards, flooring and ceiling materials and many more applications.

We also deliver specialty solutions for the in-process or end-of-process application for various composites (e.g. wood-plastic composites, laminated veneer lumber, etc.). Our composite thermoset resin systems are used in modern consumer electronics to ensure the best performance, as well as in the production of light-weight reliable structural and interior elements for passenger aircraft.

In our Coatings and Composites businesses, we constantly strive to develop environmentally sustainable and innovative technologies in response to our customers’ demands and the increasing challenges presented by the global regulatory landscape. We relentlessly work on developing products and services that protect renewable resources such as wood, leather and natural fibers and that meet new, more stringent environmental regulations.

Materials Performance and Protection

Our Materials Performance and Protection business unit is the leading innovative partner for our customers in the materials protection and high-tech composites markets. We offer a wide range of biocides and formulated products and a unique selection of thermoset resins and systems.

Our biocide products help to control mold and mildew in building materials, such as paints, wallboard and emulsions and also improve performance of plastics, textiles and inks. By preventing fouling on ocean-going ships, we help to conserve fuel and reduce emissions and maintenance costs.

The major growth and innovation areas of this business unit are in paints and coatings, plastics and inks, anti-fouling paints and metal-working fluids, as well as in high-tech composites for electronics and aerospace applications. With technical service labs in all regions of the world, we can support our customers with testing services and application know-how. Our Innovation Centers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia are continuously developing new products and solutions that address our customers’ needs.

Performance Ingredients

Lonza’s customers use our performance ingredients to reduce their environmental impact when producing vitamins, pharmaceuticals and crop-protection products through efficient high-yield processes. In addition, we offer an innovative portfolio of performance chemicals to the oil-and-gas industry to protect assets from corrosion and increase efficiency and safety of production. Other significant application areas include lubricants and enhancers in the production of precision automotive parts, plastics, inks, pigments, optical brighteners, coin production and flexible circuit boards for electronic devices.

Our hydrazine products find many applications, including water treatment, pharmaceuticals, lubricants and other industrial uses. And for more than six decades, we have supplied the U.S. Government propellant-grade hydrazine for use on satellites, space probes, aircraft and launch vehicles.

The Performance Ingredients team focuses on continuous optimization of the product portfolio, on excellence in asset management and on continuous improvement in the value chains to increase profitability. Products developed from this portfolio are also used in other Specialty Ingredients business units to enhance product performance.

Wood Protection

For more than 80 years, the Wood Protection business has pioneered and developed market-focused technologies that preserve, protect and enhance wood. Our business provides trusted and innovative products, application systems and support services that work well for our customers.

Lonza’s Wood Protection business has become a leading name in worldwide wood protection, with operations throughout Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. Our products protect wood from termites and decay, make wood fire resistant, improve its visual appearance and prevent mold growth.

Lonza’s flagship brands of industrial wood preservatives and fire retardants – Wolman®, Tanalith® and Dricon® – head a family of products that enhance the performance of wood. From reliable backyard decking and landscape products to heavy-duty utility poles and marine docks and piling, our Wood Protection chemicals enable a sustainable natural resource to last longer than it otherwise could. Additional specialty lines of water repellents, mold inhibitors, colorants and sapstain-control solutions further enhance the appearance and performance of wood.

The integration of Zelam and of Diacon, both acquired in 2015, into Lonza’s business units has been successfully completed. Their acquired technologies are now being developed for launch in the relevant markets worldwide.

Coatings and Composites Overview 2016

In our Coatings and Composites business, we experienced solid market demand across most offerings in 2016 but mainly in the Wood Protection business. Value-chain improvement programs and favorable exchange rates helped to successfully sustain our growth path despite an increasingly competitive environment in some markets.

Our Wood Protection business delivered greatly improved results in 2016, well ahead of last year. North America led the way with growth in solid wood preservation markets, fueled by the strong U.S. and Canadian economies with increased demand for housing and rising home-improvement expenditures. Most of the growth was driven by increased demand in the U.S. residential sector, along with significant contributions from new accounts.

The Performance Ingredients team observed growth across all relevant markets with the exception of China, where the continuing strong competitive environment in some of our markets slowed expansion. Sales in the oil-and-gas industry will remain under pressure as the industry continues to focus on cost reductions, a factor that is also expected to have an impact on the business in 2017.

In the Materials Performance and Protection business, Building Products experienced positive growth driven by Asia, where we have seen our market share grow following our intense technical support efforts. Sales development in composite materials was good as several key customer projects were fully realized for interior systems and composite resin products within the electronics industry, particularly in Asia.

For further information about our Performance Ingredients, Composite Materials, Functional Chemicals, Materials Protection, Oil and Gas, Marine Anti-Fouling, Hydrazine and Wood Protection businesses, please visit our Coatings and Composites website.