Consumer Care

Lonza Consumer Care

Consumer Care within Lonza’s Specialty Ingredients segment is focused on becoming the leading partner for the fast-moving consumer goods industry by supporting health, wellness and beauty through science and technology. Lonza’s Consumer Care business includes hygiene products, nutrition and dietary supplement ingredients, as well as personal-care offerings.

Together the teams in Consumer Care are capitalizing on people’s desire for nutritious food, for protection from dangerous viruses and other pathogens, and for the ability to look and feel their best. While we help to protect the health and well-being of people and companion animals around the world, we also offer innovative hair- and skin-care formulations and ingredients for the personal-care market and are the global leaders in zinc pyrithione, quaternary ammonium actives and L-Carnitine.

Lonza’s science-based actives leverage our biotechnology and fine chemistry know-how. With operational excellence, we then apply that know-how to develop concepts for convenient and differentiated performance in predominately regulated markets.

Our market-oriented, collaborative approach to delivering the ingredients our customers need is further strengthened by Lonza’s regulatory expertise. This advantage means that our customers have the regulatory support to obtain approvals required by local governmental agencies and the products backed by science in order to make marketable claims that help deliver meaningful differentiation.

We enable our customers to improve the lives of their consumers by ensuring healthier environments, delivering more nutritional foodstuffs, and offering more-advanced hair-, scalp- and skin-care products through the following businesses:


Lonza’s Hygiene team offers products to disinfect and sanitize industrial cleanrooms, schools, food processing plants, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, health clinics, homes and more. We are a global leader for registered biocides, preservatives and anti-microbial formulations for use in disinfectants and sanitizers; and we serve both the home-care and the institutional-cleaning markets.

Our extensive portfolio of products includes global solutions registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Canadian Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD), the relevant authorities of many EU Member States, the Ministries of Health in China and in Japan, as well as other regulatory agencies around the world.


For the nutrition market, Lonza’s Nutrition business supplies branded health ingredients that are supported by scientific research, regulatory compliance and marketing expertise. Clear benefits and a broad array of product applications make our products attractive for the dietary supplement, food and beverage, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. This offering was further extended with the acquisition of InterHealth in September 2016.

For more than 40 years, Lonza has been one of the world’s leading supplier of vitamin B3 compounds (niacin and niacinamide), an essential vitamin normally supplied to the body through diet or direct supplementation. Another product is our ResistAid® ingredient, a natural immune-support ingredient formulated to contribute to immune health year round.

Over the last three decades, our Carnipure® brand has become synonymous with high quality and innovation. Still today we continue to pioneer new benefits of L-Carnitine, a nutrient essential for energy metabolism, in various health applications via extensive clinical research.

Personal Care

In the personal-care market, Lonza is an established supplier of traditional and non-traditional preservation and protection systems, custom-developed fermentation, biotechnological and botanical actives, proteins and specialty emollients and emulsifiers. With our portfolio of innovative hair-, scalp- and skin-care technologies, our Personal Care team is creating a broader and more strategic orientation toward markets and customers versus the more traditional, product-centric approach.

We also remain the world’s largest supplier of antidandruff actives with our Zinc Omadine® product portfolio. Lonza Consumer Care has strong capabilities in bio-products that play an important role in the development of advanced personal care products and applications.

Applying the expertise of our global manufacturing and R&D sites, which include three Global Centers of Excellence, Lonza is poised to meet the beauty and preservation needs of our customers and their consumers.

Consumer Care Overview 2016

Consumer Care continued our good growth trajectory in Hygiene in 2016 with modern preservative systems and disinfecting solutions. Compared with 2015 Nutrition had accelerated growth momentum even before the InterHealth acquisition.

InterHealth, acquired in September 2016, offers more than 15 branded ingredients, including the cornerstone UC-II® ingredient, which is revolutionizing the joint-health market segment. The company complements Lonza’s existing nutritional portfolio in the area of sports nutrition, weight management, immune health and pet health. This acquisition also expands Lonza’s offerings into new areas, such as cognitive and diabetic health.

In our human Nutrition business, we experienced strong performance driven by L-Carnitine, vitamin B3 compounds and food emulsifiers. With the acquisition of InterHealth, we will be able to significantly expand our market offering and growth potential in this business.

Our success in the Hygiene business was driven by the continuous replacement of Triclosan in handwash additives as a standard chemistry of choice with our new, more innovative solutions. We further increased our sales activities with multi-national accounts and with key regional players in these fields of application.

In the Personal Care business, we continued to strengthen our footprint and offerings in emerging markets.

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