Water Treatment

Lonza Water TreatmentWater treatment is a major growth market for Lonza with our strong market-leadership positions around the world. With a long heritage and more than a century of experience in developing innovative water-treatment solutions, Lonza’s Water Treatment business is one of the leading suppliers of treatment chemicals, sanitizer feeder systems and services to the global water treatment market. From drinking-water supplies and industrial applications to backyard swimming pools, our products aim to keep water clean.

Our Water Treatment product applications include residential and commercial swimming pool and spa water applications, as well as drinking water, process water, wastewater, irrigation, surface water and industrial water applications. We build customer relationships by offering technical customer support, R&D, formulation expertise, regulatory excellence and powerful brand marketing, as well as product reliability and quality.

Lonza manufactures and markets both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, along with specialized chemicals and accessories under a number of premium brands. Keys to continued success in these businesses are to grow customer intimacy, to launch compelling consumer marketing, to develop innovative and differentiated products, and to maintain efficient manufacturing and distribution operations.

Our Water Treatment business is categorized by customer need into two parts: Residential, which encompasses Pro Dealer and Mass Channels, and Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Surface Water (ICMS), which offers chemicals and services.

Residential Water

Within the Residential Water group, our Mass Channel benefits from the strength, consumer trust and long-standing heritage of our flagship HTH® brand. We continue to focus on improving the consumer experience, both at the shelf and in the pool, while delivering high-quality and innovative products; so we are recognized as a trusted supplier for our key customers.

Our Pro Dealer channel offers strong brands backed by differentiated products and customer-targeted programs. This approach enables us to serve multiple outlets within a market. Customer relationships play a vital role in this channel. The Lonza Pro Dealer channel is anchored by our cornerstone brands: poolife®, Baquacil® and HTH® brands.

Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Surface Water (ICMS)

Our ICMS business includes a broad portfolio of chemicals, formulations and innovative solutions to answer customer needs for water sanitization and treatment. As highly specialized service providers, we offer a wide range of branded products to the market and provide on-site support for end-use customers.

We provide products and automated feeder systems to commercial pools including theme parks, hotels, public pools and camp parks. In addition to municipal drinking water and wastewater-treatment facilities, we offer industrial applications for processes used in the pulp and paper, food and beverage, power, chemical and steel industries.

Our calcium hypochlorite sanitization solutions, which are delivered via proprietary feed technologies, are present on all continents. Offering market-specific products that fulfill complex needs has allowed Lonza’s ICMS business to expand into niche markets and to showcase the unique features and benefits of our portfolio of products and services.

Water Treatment Overview 2016

The Residential Water Treatment business had an improved performance in 2016 compared with 2015, due to the good performance in North America and prolonged favorable weather. Solid results were also seen in Europe, South Africa and South America, despite the economic climate.

In the area of Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Surface (ICMS) water, we continued to make progress in South America. The goal of decreasing the weather dependency of the Water Treatment business portfolio by strengthening and enlarging the ICMS portfolio is progressing further.

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