Executive Committee Audited


The members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors. Lonza's Executive Committee performs the duties assigned to it by the Board of Directors under the terms of the Regulations Governing Internal Organization and Board Committees. It is responsible for managing Lonza worldwide and for implementing policies and strategies as defined by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee supports and coordinates the activities of the segments, the operational units, the corporate functions and the global business service organization. The Executive Committee is also responsible for leadership development.

Members of the Executive Committee

New Member of the Executive Committee


As of 1 February 2017 Fridtjof Helemann joined the Executive Committee as Chief Human Resources Officer, extending the Executive Committee to five members.

The Executive Committee is made up of five members.1

Name Nationality Year of Birth Function
Richard Ridinger German 1958 Chief Executive Officer
Rodolfo Savitzky Swiss 1962 Chief Financial Officer
Sven Abend German 1968 Chief Operating Officer Specialty Ingredients Segment
Marc Funk Swiss 1960 Chief Operating Officer Pharma&Biotech Segment
Fridtjof Helemann German 1954 Chief Human Resources Officer

Limitation of Number of Mandates


According to Article 26 of the Lonza Articles of Association, no member of the Executive Committee may hold more than:

  • one additional mandate in a listed company;
  • two additional mandates in non-listed companies;
  • five mandates held at the request of Lonza or companies controlled by it; and
  • ten mandates in associations, charitable foundations, trusts and employee welfare foundations.

Mandates shall mean mandates in the supreme governing body of a legal entity that is required to be registered in the commercial register or a comparable foreign register. Mandates in different legal entities that are under joint control or in the same beneficial ownership are deemed to be a single mandate. Mandates in companies that are controlled by Lonza or that control Lonza are not subject to the limitation set forth above.

Management Contracts


Lonza Group Ltd has not entered into management contracts with companies or natural persons not belonging to the Group.