Innovation and Initiatives Audited

We successfully evaluated a number of single-use technologies aimed at providing state-of-the-art manufacturing of commercial drug substances and introduced real-time monitoring of cell-culture processes instead of offline testing.

Development, testing and implementation of our process analytical technology (PAT) strategy continued in 2017. PAT includes rapid, real-time quality-control release testing and data handling.

We also stepped up the degree of automation used in upstream cell culture and downstream purification processing, and we increased raw material control via novel identity tracking and testing technologies.

In addition, 2017 saw advances in the development of continuous biomanufacturing processes that would potentially increase yield with a smaller production footprint.

The integration of the Capsugel business and the development of joint projects have the potential in the medium- and long-term to allow Lonza to offer a combined drug substance and drug product manufacturing service, taking advantage of considerable overlaps in our respective customer bases.

Lonza’s innovative solutions, such as the expanded Ibex® complex, were deployed in 2017 to manufacture a stream of complex, high-quality drug substances for lifesaving medicines to meet customers’ needs in 2020 and beyond.

We diversified our portfolio in 2017 by adding new growth products to the network for long-term business sustainability. The reporting year also saw initiatives to improve throughput and plant efficiency, leveraging a targeted portfolio revised in 2016.