Innovation and Initiatives Audited

Capital expenditure in 2017 included geographical expansion of our crop-protection products into new markets, and investments at our production plants that targeted reduced costs. Lonza also invested in new R&D facilities at the Lonza site in New Plymouth (NZ) and in Salto (BR). Furthermore, we were able to expand our portfolio through the launch of Frexus® products in Paraguay, as well as Celenco® in Brazil. These initiatives provide Lonza the foundation for expanding these product ranges in the future in the Latin America region.

Our aim within the value-added chain of the agricultural sector is to help reduce crop losses and boost productivity. We enable our customers to optimize the use of increasingly scarce natural resources, such as arable land and clean irrigation water.

These sustainability targets would be impossible to achieve without the use of modern, highly efficient agro-chemistry. Meeting these requirements will take major investments in the research and development of effective and sustainable solutions. It will require innovation – and cutting-edge technology companies like Lonza are making an important contribution in this regard.