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Our Water Care business is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sanitizers and other treatment chemicals for pools, spas and water parks. We are also rapidly growing sales in the treatment of surface waters, as well as water for drinking, agriculture, irrigation, food processing and industrial applications. For these types of applications, we offer oxidizing and non­-oxidizing biocides, proprietary halogen stabilizers and innovative solutions that include proprietary feeder systems and controllers.

Water Care has strong leadership positions around the world. We have a long heritage of providing clean water solutions, with more than a century of experience in developing innovative water-treatment offerings.

Our Water Care products include residential and commercial swimming pool and spa water applications, as well as applications for drinking water, process water, wastewater, irrigation, surface water and industrial water. We build customer relationships by offering technical customer support, R&D, formulation expertise, regulatory excellence and powerful brand marketing, as well as product reliability and quality.

Our Water Care business has two segments, based on customer need: Residential Water, which encompasses ProDealer and Mass channels; and Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Surface Water (ICMS), which offers chemicals and services.

Lonza’s Residential Water brands keep recreational water clean and free of algae and bacterial growth, while keeping chlorine stabilizer and pH levels within the recommended ranges. With clean, clear water, pools and spas can be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle of exercise and stress reduction.

Our ICMS business includes a broad portfolio of chemicals, formulations and innovative solutions to answer customer needs for water sanitization and treatment. As highly specialized service providers, we offer a wide range of branded products to the market and provide onsite support for end-use customers. We provide products and automated feeder systems to commercial pools, including theme parks, hotels, public pools and camp parks. In addition to municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, we offer industrial applications for processes used in the pulp and paper, food and beverage, power, chemical and steel industries.

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