Innovation and Initiatives Audited

Lonza manufactures and markets oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, along with specialized chemicals, under a number of premium brands. Keys to continued success in these businesses are to develop close customer relationships, launch compelling consumer marketing, develop innovative and differentiated products and maintain efficient manufacturing and distribution operations.

In 2017 Water Care launched the following new products and new dealer offerings:

  • NST® was introduced to the ProDealer market with positive results. The launch created a differentiated category for pool-care products by utilizing a proprietary technology that addresses the growing problem of over-stabilization of residential pool water.
  • A new pool sanitation system for the hotel, motel, apartment and condominium (HMAC) market segment was launched in the United States in 2017 under the CCH Endurance™ and Pulsar® Infinity brands. Global roll-out expected once regulatory approvals are obtained in each region.
  • pHin was launched in the retail trade in 2017. Water Care’s partnership with pHin continues our investment into smart technology and the Internet of Things.
  • A patent-pending product, AMP↑™ Activator, which increases the activity and efficacy of herbicides used to control nuisance aquatic vegetation, was launched by Water Care’s Surface Water team in 2017. By improving the performance of these herbicides, AMP↑™ Activator allows reduced application rates of herbicides, which can be especially useful in areas of restriction and exposure controls. Commercial and operational excellence programs, as well as efforts for innovation in our product offerings, are ongoing to help Water Care to succeed in such a challenging market environment and seasonal business.