Addressing Global Megatrends

Lonza’s businesses are satisfying vital global needs along the Healthcare Continuum® and beyond that often span the intersecting effects of several global megatrends:

  • Growing of World Population
  • Aging of World Population
  • Rapid Growth of Megacities
  • Growth of Middle Classes in BRIC1 and VISTA1 Countries

1 BRIC countries are Brazil, Russia, India and China. VISTA countries are Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina

In response to paradigm shifts in growing health-risk awareness and consumer demands for safe and sustainable solutions, we focus on creating a healthy environment, promoting a healthier lifestyle and preventing illness, as well as improving patient healthcare. Lonza places highest importance on environmental, social and governance priorities and reflects this mindset in all of our business practices and operations. For more information please see the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) report.

Addressing the Growth in World Population

In a world where the population exceeds 7 billion people and will reach an estimated 10 billion by 2050, according to United Nations research, prescriptive and preventive healthcare, as well as resources protection and preservation, have become overarching topics.

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Medicine has made undisputable progress within the last century, and we are benefiting from a high standard of living as never before. However, a growing world population adds to the high demand for successful medical treatments and even curative medicines to address major illnesses of our time – like oncology, diabetes, arthritis, thrombosis, dementia, HIV and cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, savvy consumers want to take actions to prevent their health from deteriorating and are looking for preventive healthcare offerings for immune health, mobility (e.g. joint health), anti-aging, digestive health and active living, among others.

The real threat of communicable diseases in an ever-more-crowded world drives demand for clean-label hygiene and anti-microbial solutions for homes, hospitals and other medical care settings, restaurants, transportation systems and more. Lonza is focused on aiding in the fight against hospital-acquired infections, for example.

Lonza’s consumer health and nutrition and Agro Ingredients businesses are at the forefront of helping address a growing world population that is looking for safe, healthy and abundant foods, incuding nutritional supplements. We are also innovative leaders in addressing the sustainability of natural resources.

Our Coatings and Composites products, for instance, help conserve energy by making aircraft, automobiles and satellites lighter and stronger, by reducing fouling on ocean-going ships to improve fuel efficiency and to lower maintenance costs, and by improving yields in the production of shale oil and gas.

Addressing Aging World Population

Populations in the developed world are aging rapidly. Lonza is well-positioned to support healthy aging through everything from active pharmaceutical ingredients and nutraceuticals to anti-aging skin creams and other cosmetic products that make the elderly look and feel their best.

Our technologies support our pharma and biotech customers to deliver advanced medical treatments for fighting the prevalence of many age-related illnesses, and to develop innovative medicines that help treat or even cure severe diseases.

The rapid growth of elderly populations in the West is also driving ever-rising demand for healthy foods and nutritional supplements, anti-aging cosmetics and other personal-care products. Our consumer health and nutrition business’s strategy of providing «Active Ingredients for Living Actively» is benefiting from our expanding nutritional offerings in combination with optimal dosage forms and delivery systems. Patients are transitioning from passive healthcare recipients to active healthcare consumers; and people have a greater sense of individual autonomy and increased interest in well-being, self-education and self-care.

Whereas populations in most developed societies are getting older rapidly, other societies are young and growing, which will create ever-larger consumer markets (e.g. in South East Asia). Lonza is well positioned to serve these markets and is taking a sustainable approach to supporting the increasing needs of consumers. Health for growing populations may be improved by the use of Lonza’s targeted nutraceuticals, food bioactives or herbal products; healthy foods; and infection control for safe and healthy living environments.

Addressing the Rapid Growth of Megacities

Movement of populations from rural areas to megacities is generating a need for many Lonza products and services. For example, we are addressing consumer demand for simple yet effective hygiene products to combat a broad range of pathogens, including often difficult-to-treat bacteria and viruses that challenge healthcare and other public facilities. Around the world our clean-label sanitizers and disinfectants – many with global regulatory approvals – are used in hospitals and other medical settings, industrial cleanrooms, homes, restaurants and institutional food-preparation facilities, schools, offices, gyms and cruise ships. Wood is one of the world’s most-renewable natural resources – and it is facilitating the growth of megacities. Our technologies enable the use of wood products for critical construction and infrastructure needs and for the added beauty and luster of wood products. Lonza offers fire-protection and mold-control technologies for the treatment of wood materials used in commercial construction, including nursing/retirement homes, high-rise apartments and condominiums, schools, hospitals, etc.

Addressing the Growth of Middle Classes in BRIC and VISTA Countries

The growing middle classes in BRIC and VISTA countries are generating increasing demand for medication, healthy food and nutrition, hygiene, personal care, and efficient yet sustainable solutions for housing and living. Serving all these markets provides Lonza with positive, long-term opportunities, as highlighted by the fact that in 2030 Asia is expected to represent 66% of the global middle class and 59% of total middle-class consumption worldwide.1

1 PwC report «The World in 2050»

With modern facilities around the globe, Lonza’s Pharma & Biotech and Specialty Ingredients segments are capitalizing on rising demand in Asia Pacific and elsewhere. Lonza is poised to meet the growing middle classes’ demands for new patient treatments and for more active approaches to preventive health.

Additionally, many of the BRIC and VISTA nations are in hot, humid areas of the planet. This fact underscores the value of our Coatings and Composites business, which helps more and more customers fight mold that contributes to the so-called «sick-building syndrome» by providing protective biocides and fungicides for paints, wallboard, ceiling tiles, adhesives and other building products.

Growth of these emerging middle classes is creating needs for improved hygienic and personal care standards that can be met by Lonza’s products, too.

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