Investing in Our People

Our Human Resources (HR) strategy consists of two simple – highly important – goals. First, we aim to support all Lonza colleagues in their personal and professional growth. In addition, we want to attract and retain the best talent globally that fits our corporate culture, values and objectives.

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We addressed both of these goals in 2018 by focusing on several initiatives to assure that Lonza remains both an employer of choice and a destination of choice. Lonza’s HR professionals conducted focused interviews with employees and leaders about what they valued most in terms of both their personal career and their work for Lonza. We also conducted benchmark assessments of our key talent competitors and target candidate pools to understand their awareness of Lonza’s reputation and career opportunities. From all of this research, we gained understanding of current talent attractors, including our organizational culture and characteristics.

Recruiting the Right Talent

In 2018 we completed implementation of a new recruitment delivery model throughout the global organization. This model involves state-of-the-art platforms to attract, assess and engage the talents we need to deliver against our growth agenda.

We are also taking steps to redesign our careers’ web portal for prospective employees. The new site, which will be launched in 2019, will reflect the key values and principles of Lonza as an employer. We also are focusing more and more on building proactive relationships with talent in the market in advance of our needs – building talent pipelines that enable organizational readiness. Our motto is Our Future, Today. We have an internal and external Talent Scouting organization that is constantly present in the market.

Supporting a Diverse Global Workforce

At Lonza we recognize the business value and ethical value of having a diverse global workforce. We are proud of the progress we are making in creating a vibrant, healthful balance in our workforce in terms of age, gender, nationality and many other personal factors.

Lonza’s Workforce
Lonza’s Workforce - key facts (charts)

While we are proud that approximately 50% of our business unit leaders are women, we know we have to do more to ensure that women get equal opportunities to excel, grow and lead. At a 2018 meeting with our Board of Directors, we shared new projects and current initiatives within the realm of gender equality. For instance, in order to broaden the diversity of our Swiss workforce, Lonza is an active member of the Advance Women in Swiss Business network of approximately 100 companies, a group that aims to actively increase the share of women in leading positions in Swiss firms. Reflecting the global breadth of Lonza’s businesses, HR leaders and business partners have been creating a best-in-class approach to managing and serving Lonza’s growing expatriate population. Among other services and support, we offer a wide range of domestic relocation and global mobility services and technology-enabled practices. This exchange of talents across the globe is one of the keys to Lonza’s present and future success.

« Lonza’s focus is on our people – attracting, developing and retaining the talented and engaged individuals who share our commitment to create value for patients, customers and stakeholders. »

Fridtjof Helemann, CHRO of Lonza

Developing Along a Career Path

Employees have the opportunity to develop through site-based, centrally organized learning programs. We introduced several online interactive tools for Lonza employees, including «Pathfinder – Planning Your Career at Lonza,» which provides proactive and personal career planning and development. In addition, targeted leaders, managers and employees have access to an online micro-learning platform. This portfolio of curated videos, worksheets and tools is aligned with Lonza’s core competencies to provide just-in-time learning. The resource also offers structured certificate programs in 18 topic areas. Employees who complete the entire course receive a certificate. Leaders can also use the content to drive change, execute strategy or motivate their teams.

Building Stronger Leaders and High-Performing Teams

Building high-performing teams is at the heart of our culture and people strategy. More than 100 leaders have focused on leading from the «inside out» through the self-managing leadership journeys for key executives and their teams.

We recently piloted an online Self-Managing Leadership program to spread this unique program further into the organization. We coach teams and provide a team diagnostic tool to improve their productivity and positivity. In December 2018 we piloted «Strategic Intuition» to help leaders build competence and master how to design strategies for the future.

In October 2018 about 20 leaders graduated from our third Leadership Acceleration Program in partnership with Duke Corporate Education. This nine-month leadership program builds leadership and business skills. Participants work in small groups to apply their learnings to real Lonza business projects; they develop defensive and offensive strategies for those projects, such as the integration of recently acquired companies and their technologies.

Lonza is now 15,375 employees strong. We are proud to be working together to create the world’s leading, integrated solutions provider to the Healthcare Continuum®. Our corporate HR team, working closely with our HR business partners, will continue in 2019 to position Lonza as a preferred employer and destination of choice for the best and brightest global talent.