Information Policy and Key Reporting Dates

Lonza pursues a proactive and professional communication policy. Lonza publishes price-sensitive information in accordance with the obligation to disclose price-sensitive facts as required by the SIX Swiss Exchange. Ad hoc notices are made available on its news site. Lonza’s website also provides a news and subscription service that allows interested parties to receive, via e-mail distribution, free and timely notification of price-sensitive facts.

Corporate Communications reports directly to the Chief Human Resources Officer, while Investor Relations reports to the Chief Financial Officer. On basic matters of general corporate policy, Corporate Communications receives its directives from the Executive Committee. Lonza makes the Annual Report, the Half-Year Results and Full-Year Results available to all interested parties as a PDF download. The invitation to the Annual General Meeting is published on Lonza’s website and in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce. It is also sent by mail to the shareholders entered in the share register.

Lonza’s website is regularly updated and provides relevant information such as share-price development, news releases and presentations. Media conferences and analyst meetings generally take place at Lonza’s headquarters or by conference call. Lonza manages an annual program of investor meetings. Shareholders, potential investors and financial analysts are also welcomed at Lonza’s headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

Anticipated Key Reporting Dates

The list of all corporate events of special interest is subject to change during the year as dates are adjusted and added. Updated information is found on the Investor Relations page of Lonza’s website.

Upcoming Financial Events







4 April 2019, 5:00 pm CEST


Closing of the Share Register

18 April 2019, 10:00 am CEST


Annual General Meeting for the Financial Year 2018 Congress Center Basel, Switzerland

18 April 2019


Q1 2019 Qualitative Business Update

24 April 2019


Ex-Dividend Date

25 April 2019


Record-Dividend Date

26 April 2019


Dividend-Payment Date

24 July 2019


Half-Year Results 2019

28 April 2020, 10:00 am CEST


Annual General Meeting for the Financial Year 2019 Congress Center Basel, Switzerland