Note 32 – Events after Balance Sheet Date

On 25 February 2019 Lonza announced that it will realign its operating segments structure, whereby the Consumer Health & Nutrition business, reported as part of the Specialty Ingredients operating segment in 2017 and 2018, will be integrated into the Pharma & Biotech operating segment.

From 2019 onwards, the company will operate two operating segments– one dedicated to Lonza Specialty Ingredients (LSI) that will retain Consumer & Resources Protection and Consumer Product Ingredients and a second to Lonza Pharma Biotech & Nutrition (LPBN), combining Pharma & Biotech and Consumer Health & Nutrition.

Lonza will align the revised operating segment structure for the six-month period ending 30 June 2019. Prior period operating segment information will be restated to reflect the new structure.

The Consolidated Financial Statements for 2018 were approved for issue by the Board of Directors on 26 February 2019 and are subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting on 18 April 2019.