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Lonza’s Bioscience Solutions offerings include cell-culture, transfection and endotoxin testing tools for the life-science industry. We serve customers across the world in academic and government institutions, as well as in major biotech and pharmaceutical organizations.


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Our Bioscience Solutions team provides products and customer services in life-science research with our Biowhittaker Cell Culture Media, Clonetics and Poietics primary cells and media, Nucleofector Transfection technology and CellBio Services custom solutions.

For the drug-discovery and translational research markets, we offer products and services targeting cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, metabolic, cancer and other disease-research areas.

Bioscience Solutions’ therapeutic cell-culture media business serves customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Therapeutic cell-culture media are used in the production of therapeutics, including antibodies, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), vaccines, cell- and gene-therapy applications and other biologics.

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Lonza Testing Solutions offers endotoxin-detection assays that are applied in pharmaceutical product-release testing, medical-device testing and dialysis clinics to help ensure the safety of injectable drugs, implantable medical devices and dialysis equipment.

Our fully integrated MODA software solutions streamline quality-control processes and offer insight into manufacturing operations, with quick access to management, compliance and trending data.

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Additional information about our offerings, such as process development, cGMP manufacturing, assay development, analytical and all other related services, is available online. For further information specifically about Bioscience Solutions products – such as Endotoxin-Detection Assays, PowerCHO Advance Media, Hepatocytes, RAFT 3D Cell Culture System, CytoSMART 2 System, CellBio Services, 4DNucleofector LV (large volume) Transfection Device, MODA Paperless QC Micro Solution and PyroGene rFC Assay – visit our Bioscience Solutions website. Visit our Walkersville, MD (USA), Durham, NC (USA), Cologne (DE), Verviers (BE) and other facilities online and take a 360° Virtual Tour of some of our facilities.

Highlights and Initiatives 2018

Market demand for Lonza’s Bioscience Solutions technologies and products was sustained in the reporting year, notably for our cell-culture modeling, transfection, genome editing and endotoxin product portfolio. Demand for Lonza’s research media and testing products continued in 2018. New research products were launched to further respond to customer demand. Improvements in production availability continued to be implemented to increase supply to meet demands of existing and new customers.

Among our many advances in 2018, Lonza developed cell-culture models that more closely mimic the in vivo environment for enhanced research into drug-induced liver injury and hepatic-signaling pathways and for improved in vitro hepatotoxicity testing. Lonza presented our latest research into developing more physiologically relevant in vitro cell-culture models for Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity (ADME-Tox) testing. The Quasi Vivo® System is an interconnected fluidics system to create more physiologically relevant cell-culture conditions, which helps researchers improve the predictive value of their studies.

« Building on Lonza’s industry-respected cell-culture portfolio, the addition of the Quasi Vivo® System is an important step forward in advancing the use of primary cells in biomedical research. »

Dr Maureen Bunger, Product Manager for absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME ) / Tox Solutions at Lonza

Another advance, the RAFT 3D Culture System, creates hepatocytes with stronger cytochrome responses and increased stability. This system helps researchers to simulate in vivo conditions, while 3D culturing of organotypic in vitro liver models using HepaRG cells improves the predictability of studies looking into drug metabolism, drug-induced liver injury and hepatic-signaling pathways.

These advances highlight Lonza’s scientific initiatives to support the development of cell-based modeling systems with more human relevance for toxicity research by helping improve the translatability of in vitro drug metabolism, phenotypic screening and mechanistic toxicity studies.

The Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR/Cas9) system has emerged as the genome-editing method of choice for research, medicine and biotechnology applications. Compared with other gene-editing technologies, such as Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) and Transcriptional Activator-like Effector Nucleases (TALENs,) CRISPR/Cas9 is simpler to re-engineer, easier to use, more versatile and capable of targeting multiple sites.

This market trend supported the continued growth of our Nucleofector Transfection Technology, ranging from research applications to preclinical studies. A wide range of publications confirmed the use of our technology as the gold standard for genome-editing applications. We also pre-marketed our next-generation endotoxin automation solution PyroTec Pro Robotic Solution, which integrates instruments, endotoxin reagents and software into a robotic platform, providing a fully automated workflow solution.

In 2018 Lonza unveiled an advanced electronic batch record execution platform, MODA Execution System. The software platform builds on our extensive informatics know-how and experience as a contract manufacturing organization. It offers a flexible, cost-effective solution for consolidating and managing batch and quality data produced across cell- and gene-therapy manufacturing processes.

To strengthen our sales channels and accelerate our digital presence, we introduced a new website and e-shop in 2018. The new site offers state-of-the-art technology, including mobile-friendly design and navigation, detailed product pages with substantial technical information and a full suite of Lonza’s technical resources with personalized content after log-in. In addition, it includes a modern e-commerce platform that allows us to expand our sales channels by offering improved e-shop capabilities and streamlined order-taking via punch-out solutions.