We serve our customers by delivering consistent and high-quality chemicals and biopharmaceuticals throughout the product lifecycle. Using advanced technologies in our extensive contract development and manufacturing services portfolio, we deliver products such as highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI), cytotoxins, chemical intermediates, customized API, other recombinant proteins for the clinic or market as well as mammalian and microbial expression systems, bioconjugates, cell & gene technologies.

Integrated Offerings in CDMO Service Businesses
Integrated Offerings in Pharma & Biotech – CDMO (graphic)

Small Molecules


Preclinical and Clinical Small Molecules1


Commercial Small Molecules1

1 Including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), highly potent API (HPAPI) and dosage form and delivery systems



Preclinical and Clinical Large Molecules2


Commercial Large Molecules3

2 Including mammalian and microbial, cell & gene therapy products, applied protein services and drug product services

3 Including mammalian and microbial and cell & gene therapy products